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Business entity selection often requires sophisticated legal analysis. An attorney can provide counsel as to the legal, tax, and operational related implications that may exist for a given entity, anticipate the needs and obstacles your small business may encounter, and develop strategies that may be adopted as your business matures and evolves. These insights are particularly important for small business that are frequently owner-operated or member-managed.

There are several forms of business operations, including: (1) sole proprietorships; (2) general partnerships; (3) limited liability partnerships; (4) limited partnerships; (5) limited liability limited partnerships; (6) limited liability companies; (7) family limited partnerships; (8) Subchapter C Corporations; (9) Subchapter S Corporations; and (10) professional service corporations and professional liability companies.

Although many small business owners think they need an LLC or S-Corp, there are considerations that may make an alternative business form desirable. These considerations include:

-the number and relationship of principals;
-the intended present ownership of the entity and the desired management structure;
-the present and future plans for the entity;
-the protection of business and personal assets;
-the size of the investment and growth potential; and
-the availability of third-party financing.

An experienced small business attorney can help guide you through business entity selection, and can draft and file all necessary documentation that may be required by your entity.

In addition to business formation, you may also need an attorney to draft or review employment contracts, draft or review purchasing, leasing, or other contracts, handle annual reporting requirements, create shareholder or partnership agreements, and so on. Our experienced attorneys can handle all of your small business needs.


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